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Stardate: 04/08/06
Happy Holidays!
Posted by Mandy

Tis the season to be jolly! And here to raise your holiday spirits is the SMM Holiday Special 2005! You can view it in the "Shorts" section.

What? ...So what it's April? Tis the season!
Huh? No! NO! It's Christmas time! *eye twitches*
Get your hands off me! Santa's making a list I tell you! A LIST!

*swallows tongue*


Stardate: 12/08/05
Humblest Apologies
Posted by Mandy I've got something planned. Stay tuned. Also, thanks a lot to everyone that's buying shirts and stuff from the store. It really means a lot to me.


Stardate: 11/04/04
All Right, All Right! I Get The Point!
Posted by Mandy All right! Jeezus! I'm back on track to making the cartoon again! Stop pestering me! In the meantime, enjoy the new layout...


Stardate: 05/12/04
Happy Birthday, Space Monkey Mafia!
Posted by Mandy

Okay, so this is really late, but in honor of the Space Monkey's turning one (sometime in April... probably the 20th), we've cooked up a short cartoon just for you! Watch it in the "Shorts" section.

I hope it keeps you occupied until episode 2!


Stardate: 03/13/04
Captioned Cartoons
Posted by Mandy

Optional captions have been added to the first episode and the holiday special.
Also, the sound quality on the second half of episode 1 has increased slightly.

Updates: I forgot to mention it before... You can now reach this site by it's own domain!
(Don't forget the "THE"!!)


Stardate: 03/01/04
Episode 2 Cometh...
Posted by Mandy

Good news!
Production on episode 2 has officially started! This one is going to be an action packed and lengthy toon!
As always, keep your eye on the progress percentage further down the page. Check out the forums for more news updates!

Updates: New wallpaper up in Downloads! Store section up for your SMM swag needs!


Stardate: 01/22/04
Year of the Monkey
Posted by Mandy
Today marks the first day of the Chinese year of the Monkey. Let's hope that the Space Monkeys can live up to this years title!


Stardate: 01/08/04
New Layout, Cleaner Set-up
Posted by Mandy Well, I'm not sure how much I like it, but this will be the new layout for a short while. At least like this, things will be more organized and easier to find. (And update)

Updates: Fan Art Section Up! Behind the Scenes Up!


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